Project #001: The Best Tea Party in the World…..Ever?

So, my delightful friend Grace has suggested I take on board Baz Luhrman’s suggestion of doing something every day that scares you. I like this very much, but I’m definitely sticking with 7 day long projects, otherwise you’ll all be sick of my constant posting. I think next week (aka Project #002) will be something that terrifies me, but this week I’m starting with a bit of a crossover project.

******* By the way, check out Grace’s blog at:

It’s a lovely travel blog, and if you want an insight into what a real American college is like, check it out, NOW. You’ll already be feeling inspired. And amused. What are you waiting for??*******
Project #001: The Best Tea Party in the World…Ever?
This is a bit of an ‘easing in’ chalenge, and it’ll crossover with my cookery blog, where I’ll post all the recipes. I’ll be creating a pink, fluffy, pretty, sugary, rose petal-y afternoon tea, for my belated birthday party this weekend. If that doesn’t make at least one person happy, I don’t know what will. Below is my inspiration:

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