I’ve been lazily keeping a blog for the past few years, purely as a kind of virtual scrapbook for myself to look back on later. As such, it’s a mix of posts about food, places, drinks, events, and anything that takes my fancy.

I grew up in Sussex, went to uni in Surrey, and started working in London in 2013. I’ve always adored the country, but I’ve fallen deeply in love with London, and I spend a lot of time exploring what the city has to offer. From city farms to rooftop bars, from the Southbank to the East End, and from the sunniest Spring morning to the gloomiest Autumn evening, I can’t get enough of this city.

This summer I’ve found myself dancing to minimalist techno in Amsterdam, donning birch crowns in Stockholm, dancing to hip hop in Hackney, getting knee deep in mud at Secret Garden Party, and being glued to a laptop in Ibiza for a brief work trip.

I spend my days working in Film PR, and my spare time doing some combination of the following: listening to the radio, cooking, life drawing, reading, obsessing over all things film related outside of work, growing a balcony garden, planning travels, writing, and most importantly seeing friends.

I’m a regular contributor for the London hub of the The Culture Trip, and was featured on BBC London news in August, talking about the Brunel Museum.

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    • I love them! I’m usually the kind of person who buys beautiful notebooks, but then doesn’t write in them as they’re TOO gorgeous. But Moleskine looks a little more practical, but still has that luxurious element 🙂

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