Had an usually quiet one this year, possibly because of it falling on a Monday. A Monday in January. A Monday in January when we’re all supposed to be extremely depressed.

This year, I have finally dug my heels in and said ‘No!’ I refuse to put up with having my birthday in a notoriously rubbish month. I hate the Winter and love the Summer. So I’m implementing a new tactic – an ‘official’ birthday that will happen in May.

Not that it wasn’t a lovely week. I had a family-oriented day on Monday, and saw friends for the rest of the week. My birthday also fell on a week when some crucial business/project type discussions have been taking place. All very exciting, but I’ve definitely been glued to my computer/phone too much.

Anyway, in the spirit of not posting my usual 1500-2000 words, I’ve decided to let the photos do the talking….

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