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In the spirit of bigging up things that I think are really rather ace, I thought I’d do a little bit of a post on, the home of beautiful business cards.

A few months ago, I decided to turn to Twitter for a bit of advice on business cards and where to buy them. I always like to get opinions from people, because there are SO MANY PLACES that offer business cards, at a million different price points. Being an aesthetically-driven girl, I knew that I was willing to pay a bit more to get some really decent cards. The kind of things I do – writing, designing, creating – need to be represented by a good, creative card.

I garnered opinions, and most people mentioned Moo. A few said Vista Print, mentioning it was cheaper, but I’m a bit of a snob and I’ve handled these cards before and am really not keen on them. They’re fine if you’re a certain type of business, but if you’re in the creative industries or really want to make an impression with your cards, use Moo. The options are endless with Moo – you have double sided cards, either business or mini cards, and with the business cards you can have either square edges or rounded. You can also opt for ‘green’ paper, which is more environmentally sound but still good quality. They have a range of other products, but I’m just going to talk about the ones I’ve tested myself.

Anyway, I sort of knew what I wanted, and that I was going to try out the mini cards, but then I heard on the grapevine that if you signed up for, you could get a free pack of 100 mini cards. I’d never used Klout before, but it basically measures your influence across social media. I signed up and it spouted out a score of 44, which was apparently enough for me to get my cards. I breezed through to the site, uploaded my designs (you can choose up to 100, ideal for photographers and designers), cropped and zoomed them till they were the right size, then completed the backs. It’s all very easy and user-friendly.

I decided to just do the whole thing as a test run, seeing as I was getting the cards for free, so I picked a selection of my own illustrations as well as some photos of my jewellery, just to test whether they’d print up well. I’m generally very happy with the quality of the prints, although the photos are a little darker than I’d like, but I think that’s an issue from my end.

Price-wise, I got 100 mini cards for £3.90 (just paying for shipping). I then had an email from ‘Little Moo’, saying my cards had only been laminated on one side, so they’d send me the first lot, but then another 100 free of charge. I’d opted for the standard delivery, and my first lot turned up within about three days, well before the date they’d stated. I also purchased 100 business cards, including shipping, at about £16. All in all, I am a happy bunny. is a fun, quirky site that will appeal to you if you appreciate the creative side of life, and want a really good quality business card that can be a talking point. I’ve come over all Patrick Bateman about mine (no murdering yet, though.)

If I had to criticise anything, I would say that a couple of times I’ve had a message ping up on the screen saying ‘Sorry, something went wrong! Please contact our customer service team!’ It’s usually when I’ve been just about to place my order, or finalise it. It’s a little frustrating and quite worrying, but hasn’t actually caused any problems – I never lost the cards I was working on or anything. And then the printing error – even though I think all my cards are totally usable, and I’m very excited about getting another 100, what if they weren’t ok? And you’d ordered your cards specially for an urgent function? But those are my only two issues, and obviously the printing error is a blip and not something that happens everytime, and they have handled it extremely well.

Anyway, because you are my readers, and you are bathed in yummy honey-coloured sunlight, I have a discount code for you! Simply click this link, and you can get 10% off your order with

Go on, treat yourself. Specially with the Mini Cards, because I feel a bit like Business Barbie holding them!

Executive love,

Amelia xx

3 thoughts on “ Mini Cards

    • Oh, sweet! I just love having a selection of different designs, such a genius idea. Now I’ve shown you mine, you’ll have to show me yours, so to speak!

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