Party up

The lights on the Christmas tree are starting to sputter out, the decorations are gathering dust, and there are pine needles all over the floor. That being said, it’s nearly New Year’s Eve, which means it’s still party time. Whether you’re going out or staying in, I’ve chosen a few tracks to get you in the mood.

Warning: may contain atrocious music.

1. Man Like Me – Peculiar Fantastically annoying in the best possible way, this will most definitely get stuck in your head. Seeing the video is a must.

2. Sparks – Beat the Clock An 80s classic (well, 1979, actually), and we all know how much I love THOSE. Worth listening to for an insistent beat and lyrics like: ‘Entered school when I was 2, PHD’d that afternoon, never entered any sports, didn’t look too good in shorts, got divorced when I was 4’. Great.

3. DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince – Boom! Shake the Room No, don’t argue. You will be a hero for playing this. Trust me. Go back up now, and give a brother room!

4. Peaches – Boys Wanna Be Her Thumping beat, true glam rock flashback, and the perfect song to get you in the right frame of mind. The boys wanna be her, the girls wanna be her, the boys wanna be her…don’t you?

5. Santogold – You’ll Find a Way Santigold/Santogold is one of my favourite acts of the last few years, and sadly overlooked as a performer. It might be because she keeps changing her name, or because she tends to do a lot of producing. Anyway. Listen!

6. Laura Branigan – Self Control A bit of cheese, but you know you love it. She lives among the creatures of the night, she hasn’t got the will to try and FIGHT.

7. Crystal Fighters – Xtatic Truth To be honest, any Crystal Fighters track would do the job. I was torn between this and ‘With You’, but ultimately Xtatic Truth won because it lulls you into a false sense of calm with strange Basque sounds, before working itself up into a frenzy, and also due to the ‘We were born to be alone’ segment. I heard these guys at Latitude last Summer in a shack in the woods, in the rain, at night. They were ace.

8. Devo – Mind Games Yes, Devo. There’s nothing wrong with that, ok? This is from their latest album, which was pretty much panned from all angles. I don’t care, Devo will make your life better in various ways.

9. Foster the People – Call it What You Want This is just beautiful, and makes you sort of effervesce with excitement from the opening bars. Get it down you!

10. Empire of the Sun – Tiger by my Side It’s my policy to always include these guys on a party playlist, and you should do so too. 

11. The Kingsmen – Louie Louie This needs to be done. Ours is not to reason why. 

12. Calvin Harris – Merrymaking at My Place A party isn’t a party without Calvin Harris. At least, that’s what he told me to write. Quite frankly I’m getting a bit fed up of him turfing up with a bottle of vodka and expecting me to look after him, but whatever. 

13. Dizzee Rascal – Dance Wiv Me This never seems to get old. Just pop it on when people are flagging a bit, and you’ll be amazed at how many of your middle class acquaintances start ‘rapping’ along to the: ‘you’re all over there on your JACK JONES’ bit.

14. David Bowie – Pallas Athena David Bowie always finds a way onto my Spotify playlist, and this is a bonkers little track that will penetrate your head. 

15. Hot Chip – Over and Over Everybody loves Hot Chip. Hush now, I said everybody.

So there we go! A few tracks to get you started. Sadly I couldn’t include everything I wanted, so The Vaccines, Rick James, Foals and Sigue Sigue Sputnik (yes, really) are all unfortunately absent. What are your ‘go to’ party tunes? And don’t even bother telling me I have appalling taste in music, because I ALREADY KNOW.

Lots of love and happy listening,

Amelia xx


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