Guilty Pleasures: Liz Hurley

I need to confess a little something. I absolutely ADORE Liz Hurley. I mean, who doesn’t admire a woman who finds out what look works for her, and then sticks with it for a couple of DECADES? The glossy, side swept fringe on tousled locks, the plunging neckline on the column dress, the smouldering eyeliner pre-Kate Middleton. The accent! It doesn’t even sound real, it’s so fantastic. I suppose she sort of epitomised grown up glamour for my when I was much younger, and that sort of impression tends to stick.

Luckily, it seems my opinions are shared by the Gossip Girl producers, who have popped her into Series 5, and my goodness she looks fantastic. I’ve made a little tribute post for her. Although I’m not mentioning the Shane Ward/Ken Doll debacle.

(Pictures courtesy of the glorious Google Images)

2 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures: Liz Hurley

    • Oh, come on! I think a LOT of people would find liking Liz Hurley shameful. Guardian readers, for example. I’ll check out what you do consider to be a proper GP!

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