Kingsman: The Secret Service Tweetalong Party

One of my favourite films of the last year is about to come out on DVD & Blu-Ray, and I’m very excited to be celebrating the release by taking part in a tweetalong party this Sunday at 6pm! Twentieth Century Fox are releasing Kingsman: The Secret Service on Digital HD on 24th May, and on DVD on the 8th June.

Kingsman was a bit of an unexpected gem, featuring a breakthrough central performance from Taron Egerton, and Colin Firth as you’ve never seen him before. I’ve sold this film to friends purely on the merit of saying ‘yeah, but don’t you want to see Mr Darcy kicking someone’s ass?’ Of course you do, you’re not INSANE. There’s also a glorious set piece that plays out to KC and The Sunshine Band’s ‘Give It Up’, rivaling only the slow-mo rescue scene in X-Men: Days of Future Past in my affections.


I’m going to be tweeting along (from Amsterdam, yo! That’s how much I love this flipping film), with the help of my Kingsman swag bag thanks to the terrific guys at Fox. I am now the proud owner of a stuffed pug (he’ll grow into a bulldog, right?!) and a gun shaped ice cube tray. It’s the perfect spot of Bank Holiday fun.

You can also join the party by watching the film from 6pm onwards, following @KingsmanUK on Twitter, and using the #KingsmanDigitalHD hashtag. There’ll be giveaways on the night, so it would be silly not to get stuck in.

2015-05-22 03.57.00 1

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