Sunday in the Garden with Plants

To top off my Sussex-y weekend (read part one here), I spent the morning in the greenhouse re-potting my seedlings. This is the stage where you wonder why on earth you’re reading my blog, and why someone under the age of 50 is willingly spending weekends wrist deep in soil.


Bear with me, though. Really, it’s about balance. The past two months of working in London have brought with them many late nights, stupid cocktails, hectic weekends. I love going out, but I try to be sensible. The last thing I want to do is to burn myself out and have it impact at all on my job.


So the past two weekends have been entirely home centric, and it’s done me a lot of good. If you don’t garden or grow things (snigger), you really should start. I probably sound like an utter lameo, but there’s something undeniably awesome about seeing a tiny seed turn into a whole plant! Perching in a warm greenhouse with rain lashing the windows was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning.

I tend to be drawn to growing herbs, fruit, veg and wildflowers. Mainly fruit and veg, because HELLO, food! Also, check my old lady jacket:


Spending a morning potting up my tiny seedlings which I’ve grown from scratch was hugely pleasing – I re potted calendula, dill and rocket, and planted a strawberry plant.




As ever, the most difficult part was getting my wellies off…









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