Arrested Development UK Premiere

Much as I’d like to pretend a thick, glossy invite popped through my letterbox (ok, now I just sound like Tobias), I actually stumbled across the Arrested Development premiere by mistake on my way back to the station after work. Usually I avoid Leicester Square as it’s full of ghastly tourists who shamble about taking photos, but last night, something caught my eye. The Bluth frozen banana stand! It’s been doing the rounds in London, and each time I’ve managed to miss it.


Not this time, though. I fought my way through the crowds, shoving my way towards the banana stand. Hang on….what was all that orange carpet? And the massive posters? And all the photographers? Oh. My. God. Using skillz wot I honed at London Fashion Week, I politely but authoritatively slipped to the front of the crowd (NO TOUCHING!)

No one seemed to know what was happening, twitter was low on info, everyone was cold and damp, but spirits were high. Word was that some of the cast would be heading down, and after grilling the people closest to me, I heard Jeffrey Tambor and David Cross were rumoured. At that moment, I knew I was in it for the long haul. Come on, the girl in the $5000 shirt shaking from cold is gonna miss out on this?



After nearly an hour of shaking violently from the chill and craning my neck to see what was happening, the stars began to appear. Tobias, George Sr, George Michael, Maebe and Buster, all lined up before my very eyes. Seriously, has anyone in that family even SEEN a chicken? I’m not usually such a crazy fangirl, but I was so excited I nearly cried. Some TV shows are just special, and you love them and cherish them, and then Fox cancels them. All the cast seemed lovely, smiling and chatting away, and giving autographs. I got a huge smile from Jeffrey Tambor, which probably made my entire life.

Sorry for the crappy quality of the pics, they were taken on  my phone (SLR sadly perched on my desk in the office). How great does Alia Shawkat look? MARRY ME. Arrested Development is out on Netflix from 26th May, but I think I’m going to be too busy reading Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog and attending Blue Man Group rehearsals to watch it, so let me know what it’s like, ok?

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