I’ve been over in Guildford for the past couple of days as had a workshop on apps (one of my favourite topics) and was also checking out locations for the next shoot for Sussex Style. Yesterday, I also took a couple of hours to do some sneaky shopping in Guildford itself, and to have lunch with my lovely friend India at Bill’s.

I know it sounds horribly indulgent to be taking hours out of a Wednesday to shop and eat, but this year I promised myself I’d try and take a proper break every week. I believe most people know it as a ‘weekend’, but as I tend to usually work right through those, I’m attempting to recreate them at other points during the week. It’s actually very nice – it feels much naughtier and more indulgent to be having a two hour brunch on a Wednesday!

Since discovering Bill’s in Lewes, I’ve been a massive fan of the place. Always a buzzy, cosy atmosphere, with walls stacked full of preserves and jams and absolutely delightful staff. As for the food….wow. It’s all big, bold, bright and healthy (apart from the glorious puddings, but who wants a healthy pudding?!) I opted for the vegetarian breakfast – two door wedges of rustic bread, one with guacamole, one with a kind of chunky hummus and spicy tomato sauce, two perfect poached eggs, sauteed mushrooms and roasted tomatoes, with a serving of sweet chili sauce for good measure. HEAVEN ON A PLATE.

India went for the fish finger sandwich, which I expected to be two sad squares of white bread filled with formerly frozen fingers. Not so – stacked home made bread, home made fish fingers, a little pot of skinny fries…Please, please, I implore you to try Bill’s. It reminds me of restaurants that Cornwall does so well but we don’t seem to really manage in the South East. India and I introduced a new custom which I think should catch on: brunch with pudding. She had a gooey, rich pecan pie with vanilla ice cream, I went for plump, warm mini cinnamon donuts with chocolate dipping sauce and fresh strawberries.

We chatted about the important things: Summer holidays, hideous workloads, agents (India is an actress), Breaking Bad, and of course food. The service was friendly and attentive without being ‘too much’, and we spent a very pleasant couple of hours there. I think they seem to be popping up everywhere, so definitely recommend you pop in if you spot one!

Happy eating x

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