Happy New Year!

A little late, what what?

I’ve been ghastly about posting for the past few months, because when things get busy the blog is the first thing to go. I started blogging regularly when I was working in a call centre as a form of escape, and now that I’m lucky enough to write for a living, it’s not the lovely indulgence it used to be.

That said, I’m going to try and post once a week, and most likely just a bunch of pictures. Lazy? NEVER. I had a whole post prepped about what I got up to in November and December, including the British Fashion Awards, gigs by Foals and Patrick Wolf, the publication of the first Sussex Style magazine and a trip to Antoni + Alison’s tea room, which I’m still sitting on. The post that is, not the tea room.

But anyway – this is a vow to post more often. For now, I’m going to leave you with my New Year’s resolutions, and wish you an awfully lovely start to 2013.

1. Go surfing – something I didn’t manage last year and am DETERMINED to do

2. Get some fresh air every day

3. Go back to keeping a journal and this blog

4. Cook more! – I have so many recipe books to work through. Look out for more recipe posts this year

5. Celebrate more – I fancy celebrating all sorts of festivals and various whatnottery. Burns Night supper? Why not.

6. Travel – mostly I’d like to explore the UK a little more. I fell in love with Oxford last year, and I find weekend breaks in the UK extremely invigorating. I’m off to Scotland next month, fingers crossed. Brrrr.

7. Always have a book on the go – my English degree was the death knell for my enjoyment of reading and I’ve mostly been digesting the most ghastly chick lit ever since as a remedy. NO MORE.

8. Do the splits – self explanatory.

I tend to stick more to challenges rather than things like ‘lose weight, exercise more’ because those are boring, don’t you think? Last year I did rather well on my New Year’s challenges and was still completing them by the end of the year, so much better than begrudgingly joining a gym and giving it up in January.

Ta ra for now my lovelies!

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