London Fashion Week Day 2

Quite frankly, after Day 1, I was already pretty exhausted. The days just seem to take it out of you – way too much coffee and vitaminwater floating around, not nearly enough food. I started the day at Somerset House, meeting up with my editor Rachel. I used the time to get some street style photography in, devour some yummy espresso frozen yogurt, and sing loudly along to alt-j, which was blaring out in the courtyard. I got photographed a few times myself, as had opted for a fairly eye-catching floral crown; and I got interviewed by a lovely chap about what I was wearing.


Next it was up to Vauxhall Fashion Scout to see the beautiful Ji Cheng show, which was absolutely stunning. Again, full write ups will be on my work websites, so just a quick overview on here. The editor of Vogue China was front row, as was Kate Nash, who had a rather intriguing Cruella De Vil hairstyle going on. After that I went to the press lounge to chill, and drank an awful lot of this stuff called Zeo water, which is supposed to make you feel rather giggly. They had a nice chap from Beach Blanket Babylon making the drinks into non-alcoholic cocktails, with cucumber and rosemary, lime and agave syrup etc. Really yummy stuff, I’ll definitely be serving it as a booze free cocktail!

Then it was a dash off to Goldsmith’s Hall for the Jeffrey Michael show. I have to say, I love the venue hugely, but it’s a massive trek out, and the show was probably less than 10 minutes long, so a bit frustrating! I was starting to really flag after literally running from Mansion House to the hall  in heels, and eating only a tiny cup of fro yo and a bag of low calorie popcorn. Never trust anything low calorie, I always say! The show was actually rather beautiful, full of strange and interesting textures and technicolour, and with the ever fascinating front row presence of Pandemonia.

Like a bat out of hell, I moved from the Goldsmith’s Hall (by the way, I’m not saying it was hell. Or that I’m a bat) back to Covent Garden where I got stuck in the Saturday night people traffic while making my way to the Royal Opera House. By this stage, I was dizzy and increasingly disoriented, and desperately trying to get to the venue on the time. I saw the presentation of A La Disposition in the Crush Room, which was impeccably presented and had a theme of ‘Misfit Toys’, but the creepy chiming music box children’s soundtrack made me feel even weirder. As I left, I was proffered a goodie bag containing sweets and one of those Jean Paul Gaultier designed Coke bottles. I’ve literally never been so happy to see a goodie bag, and I ate it like some sort of well dressed pig on my walk back to Vauxhall Fashion Scout.

Back to the bliss of the VFS Press Lounge, where I collapsed into a squishy leather armchair, had some more Zeos and a Vita Coco, and tried to pep myself up for the evening. Bernard Chandran went some of the way to perking me up  – an incredible show by the man whose clothes have been worn by Gaga, Estelle and Rihanna. Very New York, very sports luxe, and extremely glossy. I met my friend Grace and we headed off to the Bloomsbury Ballroom for Fashion Retrospective, an event mounted by the truly awesome Bourne & Hollingsworth. You can read my full write up here, but let me just say it was beyond fantastic. We drank Gatsby cocktails out of champagne coupettes, saw some of the most incredible vintage pieces on the catwalk, watched a man drive a Vespa through the middle of the ballroom, and ogled the hot waiters. Strongly, strongly recommend getting along to one of their events.

I was nearly dead the next day, so didn’t go anywhere on Sunday, but Days 4 & 5 will be coming soon…

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