Samsung Galaxy Note: My New Obsession

Hi all! I’m currently doing something very exciting. Don’t worry, its nothing dodgy. Promise. No, I’m actually writing this entire blog post from my new beautiful toy,  my adorable and totally impulse-bought Samsung Galaxy Note. It’s a bit tragic how, these days, I only go shopping for technology and never for shoes. But anyway, this entirewas about as much of an impulse buy as you can get. I went into Tunbridge Wells for two reasons and two reasons only. To go to the dentist for an emergency fix up, and to get some embroidery threads. Yes, I am a 90 year old spinster, but never mind that now. The threads are actually for friendship bracelets for my two little cousins, who fell in love with the ones I had on my wrist.

But to return to the point, we’d turned the whole thing into a family outing, as my dad was keen to go and check out some phones. We wandered into Phones4U and had a browse. Instantly, like a sexy man in a Barbour, the Note caught my eye. It’s gorgeous. Too big to look like a phone, too small to be a tablet, it’s a slab of pure beauty. The minute I touched it, I knew I wouldn’t be leaving the shop without it.

It was actually an extremely serendipitous impulse buy, all things considered. I’ve been wondering for a while about getting an ipad, but it’s a little too bulky for me. Essentially, I’ve been looking for something that I can access documents on, take notes and write blogposts on, run a business from, and still have access to the social tools I need. In the last week, it’s become apparent that I need to come up with some new ways of working. I have five Twitter accounts to run, two Facebook pages (not including my personal account), and five WordPress accounts. I also have clients on top of that who I write for, so I really need an easy tool to help me manage this.

My thoughts also turned to London Fashion Week. I’d been wondering if I could cart my Macbook about so I could start writing up between shows, but the thought of taking it with me on top of my heavy Canon DSLR,  spare pair of shoes, water, business cards and all the other essentials just wasn’t practical. Also, I’m very protective of my little Mac, and I won’t risk anything with it. So the Note seemed perfect for my needs! I’ll let the video below explain a little more about why it’s perfect for creatives:

We haven’t even spent 24 hours together, my Note and I, but I already love it deeply. If you want a Tablet with the capabilities of a phone and so many awesome features, I’d hugely recommend you look into it. Now I’m going to put her down and go and make some gingerbread. I know it’s not quite gingerbread season yet, but it’s cold and rainy and quite frankly, I don’t care. Ta ra!

p.s. On an unrelated note, if anyone wants to listen to the Vaccines album before it comes out, go here.

One thought on “Samsung Galaxy Note: My New Obsession

  1. I’m obsessed with mine too…cant give up the amazing screen and form factor to get the note 2…although I would like the new s pen

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