They call it Making History

As any of you who know me on Twitter/Facebook will have seen, I’ve been Lord Grumpy of Grumpsville House, Grumpington this week. Reading that back, I wonder why I’ve characterised myself as a man, but ours is not to question why. Anypoodle, it’s been an exceptionally stressful week. One of those horrible little ‘spiral’ weeks where thing after thing goes wrong, and you find yourself questioning the path you’ve taken.

This whole self-employment lark is fairly new to me, and there are days when I can’t believe how lucky I am, and other days where my To Do list is the length of an Olympic swimming pool, there’s no money in the bank because one week I get paid a fortune, and the next I get enough for a packet of Super Noodles, I have a million emails to deal with, and I find the only communication I’ve had with anyone is talking to a vase of pink roses. Usually, the luckiness wins, because I LOVE not being in an office. I love getting to explore the world, have a bath in the afternoon, do things on my own terms, make my own success. I don’t even care that I’ll work till 11pm, because I can take myself off to London of an afternoon and do something fun.

This week highlighted both the best and worst bits of my lifestyle. I’m starting to get a little burned out, which I attribute to not taking weekends at the weekend, but rather having a ‘weekend’ on, say, a Wednesday afternoon. But that’s one side of it, and one bad week out of many good ones. If I had an office job, I wouldn’t have been able to hop off on Wednesday and take some very moody photos in St James’s Park in the half-light, which helped sort out my head. I also made a pilgrimage to 221b Baker Street, and visited the V&A, the Natural History Museum, AND the Science Museum.

I was looking forward to the V&A hugely; they were holding a Lates event called ‘Hot Brazil’. Well, as my friend India dubbed it, it was more like ‘deafening, over-crowded, poorly planned Brazil’. The main entrance was horribly packed, and after my silly week, I wasn’t exactly in the mood to get bashed into/stepped on/elbowed by hundreds of drunk people attempting the Samba. The event listing had advertised heaps of fun things to do, but there was no sign of them. The only place we saw that looked promising was roped off and for Mastercard holders only, and there was no info on where/when things were going on (which was something the Science Museum provided visitors with for their Lates event.)

Instead, we decided to stroll around the rest of the museum, which was delightfully empty. Then we lolled along to the Natural History museum, which was MUCH more fun. The atmosphere was nicer, and if you haven’t seen those dinosaurs at night, you’ve missed out. So in a roundabout way, here are a few photos of my week….the good parts.

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