The Only Way is Blogging

Just a quickie from me, to tell all you fellow bloggers out there about an event which I’m just a teeny weeny bit excited about.

Yes, it’s the fabulously named ‘The Only Way is Blogging’! (TOWIB) for short. I’ve been longing to go to one of their quarterly events after seeing it mentioned by one of my blogging heroes:

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s essentially a celebration of blogging brought to you by blogger extraordinaire London Beauty Queen (, including things like workshops, Q&A sessions, talks, and of course plenty of networking opportunities.

The Spring Social of 2012 will be held on Saturday February 11th from 12-6 (venue TBC), so why don’t you think about going along? I myself will be attending with marketing blogger and friend Nanna ( Details are still being shored up, but it should be a fantastic event if the previous ones are anything to go on. So come along, and let me know if you are! I’m quite excited about meeting people in….real life….

Oh, and costwise, the event has previously been free of charge, but I think the organisers are considering charging a mere £5 for all the bloggy goodness. This is extremely generous and reasonable, seeing as certain blogging events try and sting you for entry fees of closer to £100!

If you’re interested, check out the blog:

Of follow them on Twitter: @towib1

Or even on Facebook!

Enjoy! Don’t say I never give you anything!

Amelia xx

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