Time Won’t Let Me Go/Believe

A Bravery double bill!

Just a quick one, because I’m shortly heading off to my new job role (eek!) and am trying to adjust to being up and actually having to put proper clothes on, etc. I woke up with the first song in my head, without really knowing why. There’s something so sad about this song, despite the fact that it’s actually fairly upbeat. I remember listening to it years ago, stretched out on the grass in the garden in blinding sunlight, and waiting for my own life to ‘start’ properly. The song really struck a chord (sorry!) with me, this feeling of not really having experienced life, just having ‘watched it all on TV’. Of course, that all changed at uni, but listening to the song again I can still feel that twinge inside of me telling me to get up, get out and do something.

The second song is ‘Believe’. I’m absolutely crap at listening to proper ‘unhappy songs’. I get terrified if something is slow and wail-y and just has a guitar. I don’t like cathartic music and am generally wont to listen to some very upbeat stuff at times of emotional crisis. ‘Dry Your Eyes (Mate)’ is about as far as I’ll go into break up music. Nope, it’s time to sweep it all under the carpet and move on. The Bravery combine some very bleak lyrics with catchy, upbeat tuneage, which suits me perfectly. Believe is a fantastic song, and you should definitely acquaint yourself with it.

So, a happy Tuesday to everyone, have a good day back at work, and good luck battling the wind and rain!

Amelia xx

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