NY Resolution Challenge: January

As I’ve commented before, I like to set myself ‘challenges’ as my New Year’s Resolutions, instead of ‘give up this’, ‘avoid that’. To really help keep me on track, I’ve decided to go public with my plans. I’ve also chosen to break the challenges down into months, so I’m obviously starting with January and work from there. I think New Year’s Resolutions mostly fail because you’re setting yourself goals to last the entire year, meaning you couldn’t really check anything of your list properly until the year was up! And for someone who lives to check thing off lists, that would absolutely destroy me.
Here’s my list of goals for January. Some are more self involved than others, but I’m just getting started. At the end of the month, I’ll post this list again and see how many I can check off. Of course, this isn’t just about me and my plans, but please feel free to get involved. What are your goals? Comment or tweet me at @ameliafsimmons. 
  1. Try a completely new fitness class
  2. Exercise 6 days a week
  3. Read at least 2 books of some merit – no chick lit!
  4. Keep to my newly devised blogging schedule
  5. Apply for membership of the Royal Society of Literature
  6. Attend a late night at the V&A
  7. Attend a talk/lecture at the V&A
  8. Do something wholly to benefit someone other than myself
  9. Submit a piece of my writing with the aim of getting it published
  10. Listen to a whole album by an artist I’ve never listened to
  11. Learn a new song on my ukulele
  12. Visit a bar I’ve never been to in London
  13. Start my Vogue Secret Address book challenge
  14. Draw something
  15. Stop procrastinating and design and order my business cards
  16. Throw a dinner party

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