3 weeks till Christmas!

Is everybody feeling festive yet? I am! We picked up a tree yesterday – sadly everywhere in the world seems to have run out of lights though, so I’m looking at it right now, perched against the garden table, all sad and undressed. This is my first Christmas where I’ve been working from home – the last two years, I worked time-consuming jobs, and in 2009 I was working both Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, so I’m really excited to be a little more in control of my schedule this year.

Apparently we’re due for some snow in the South East, and for the first time since I was a child/at uni (fairly similar times in my life, actually…) I’m really excited about it. The prospect of not having to fight my way across icy streets/have a 7 hour journey home from a town 6 miles away is extremely thrilling. I hated the snow we had last year as it just represented a whole heap of problems in terms of getting around. Oh, woe is me.

Anyway, we’ve got a tree, the house is full of things like candied peel and Heston’s mulled cider (if you’re near a Waitrose, GET SOME), the weather’s getting colder, we’re going to have our first open fire….perfect. Sussex in Winter is absolutely beautiful. What are you looking forward to? What makes you instantly feel festive? When I was younger, I always felt mega Christmassy whenever I heard Simon & Garfunkel. Yep, that’s just how cool I am.

I’ve posted this particular music video not because it’s wildly festive, but because it’s been on my Winter playlist for two years running now, so it’s intrinsically linked with Christmas for me. Not the most imaginative of videos, but actually quite nice to have a break from some of those very ‘try hard’ videos that some of my favourite bands seem to go for. I had a spate of watching music videos that put me off my lunch (Yeasayer and MGMT, I’m looking at YOU), so it’s good to see just an old school video that isn’t making any huge point. ‘Old school’? Did I really just say that?! I’d better stop typing now…

2 thoughts on “3 weeks till Christmas!

    • Aww nice! Right now I’d be grateful for ANYTHING that would remind me of Summer! I’m pretty much just listening to a lot of Crystal Fighters which is definitely helping though! Love Christmas, but…yeah. Come on Summer.

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