I’m into something good

‘Austerity measures!’ I hear you cry. ‘What the devil do you mean?’ I intone back, entirely unimpressed. ‘You’ve got no money’, you clarify, slightly rudely.

Enough of the role play (but it was pretty Pinteresque, wasn’t it? I’m a great dramatist). It’s a new season, I’m bored of my wardrobe, and I don’t have enough cashingtons for a total revamp. Oh, let’s be honest. If you combined all the money I had in the world, I couldn’t even buy myself some utterly hideous dress from Matalan. You know, just in case I suddenly wanted an utterly hideous dress from Matalan. So I’ve had to actually try and be sensible, because I’m in no position to keep squandering money on bits of fluff (often literally). I’ve got two things to say to you: nail varnish, and tights.

No, this isn’t a lesson on how to darn some stockings with just a pot of nail varnish, because this really isn’t that kind of blog. Make do and mend? I’m the girl who bought a new pair of pants every day when I didn’t know where the laundertte was at university. Really. I’m a pathetic underwear lush, and clearly quite incapable of living in the real world. Where was I? Let’s get off the subject of my ineptitude. Please.

The point is, tights and nail varnish are two things that feel like luxuries, pep up your look, and don’t cost the earth. You can create a completely different feel and revitalise yourself with a dark nail or a quirkily patterned pair of tights. I’ve spotted lots of loveliness out and about, and on the old tinterweb, so I thought I’d share them with you. All tights are from Asos and naily v’s are from Topshop, because they are both bargainous and ace quality. I’m only allowing myself one ridiculous pair of tights, because I’ve been known to shred them fairly quickly. Which are your favourites? And are you going to berate me for my disgusting waste of a student loan? Well it’s too late.

Touch of bondage



The most incredible colour ever, Gypsy Night

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