Facebook Celibacy Update: Day Two

Somehow, I’ve struggled through Day One.

I did twice, the automatic Facebook.com typing thingy, but managed to stop myself in time.

I have to say, I’m feeling a bit freed. For me, I sometimes get this tiny anxiety bubble when I’m scrolling through my Newsfeed. You have that teetering feeling of not knowing what you’re going to find out – maybe your ex-boyfriend is now listed in a relationship, and it still hurts a bit. Maybe your best friends are making plans without you. I have to say, I don’t think these things have really happened to me, but there’s always the fear.

That said, I’m missing knowing what people are up to. This is doing no good whatsoever for my voyeuristic tendencies. And I’ve never used Twitter so much in my life.

So we’re at Day Two, and let’s see if it really hits me today. I’ve certainly realised how much time I spend on the bloody thing, and how many times I’ve found myself on the 92nd photo of profile pictures of someone I don’t even know. It’s a supreme form of time wasting, and it’s difficult to admit to myself quite how so. I’ve always thought that because I don’t play games – video, computer, or otherwise, I’m fairly virtuous in terms of computer usage. But God, no.

Yesterday, I used my abundance of spare time to start designing a jewellery collection.

I do sort of miss stalking people though.

Not that that’s something I do….

Ta ta for now.

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