The Social Network

I FINALLY got around to watching this film at the weekend, and I absolutely loved it. Fantastic pacey writing, and I’ve been a huge Aaron Sorkin devotee since The West Wing. Also, an excellent soundtrack, well considered performance by Justin Timberlake, and quite frankly, I’m thinking of changing my surname to ‘Winklevoss’.

But it also got me thinking. Despite spending inordinate amounts of time on Facey B, I often get quite resentful that I’ve come to rely on this one site to get me through. I am quite literally addicted to it. I put down all my thoughts as status updates, all my photos, every video I like. I knew it had got really out of hand when I found myself halfway through typing www.face…. and realised I’d actually just wanted to go onto Google. Or Hotmail. Or any other site, quite frankly. When your fingers automatically take you somewhere, you know it’s time to break free.

I thought I’d challenge myself to a week without the almighty Facebook. I’m not sure I’ve ever managed that long without it, and quite frankly, I have huge doubts as to whether I’ll be able to do it this week. Still, I’m going to see if I can. I’m going to see whether it has an impact on my everyday life, and whether that’s positive or negative. It might not be the most original experiment, but anyone who knows me knows my unhealthy dependency on the blue and white site, and knows this is going to be various shades of merry HELL.

So, today is my first day, and I very briefly last checked FB at around 8am this morning. I’ve pushed the iPhone app to the back of my phone, so I can’t click on it. I’ll be blogging through the week, and will be using WordPress to automatically post onto Facebook – I won’t be going on there myself.

I’m terrified.

But at least I’ve got Twitter.

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