Backstreet’s back….ALRIGHT

I’m back! I’ve been terribly lame at actually doing my beloved blog of late, and having just signed in after an EXTREMELY long absence, I’ve seen you wonderful, beautiful darlings are still reading! Thank you!
So here’s the thing. It’s my birthday this week, and for the first time ever, I’m going to make my own cake. See below for inspiration/cake porn.

Here’s what I’ll be making (and subsequently blogging): French Fancies, raspberry swirl meringues (sssh, they’re secretly marshmellowy clouds), pink champagne and raspberry jellies, more cupcakes, and of course, a huge and disgustingly creamy, pink and sweet birthday cake.

Later this week, I’ll do recipes and pictures for hopefully all of the above, so keep your eyes peeled, and good things will come your way!

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