Project #002: Starting with the man in the mirror

My second project sort of landed on my lap. Blissfully floating around on the smug glow of starting a new blogging project, I was feeling a lot of love for everybody, and very amenable to doing nice things for other people. Last weekend, we had the family over, and I got to spend some time with the delightful daughters of my cousin. Are they second cousins? I always start to work it out, then get distracted thinking of that particular bit in Mean Girls….”So, you have your cousins, and your first cousins….wait, that’s wrong, isn’t it?” “That is SO wrong”….

Anywho, putting distractions aside, one of the girls was particularly taken with a jacket I’d embellished myself; a shrunken black blazer with rhinestones on the lapel. She did a Michael Jackson dance in it. She was BRILLIANT. She LOVED this jacket. And I felt horrible for taking it back from her, like some sort of evil Dickens character.

Ping! Second project, I thought. I’ll just make her another one! Since a large portion of this blog is about me learning to not think/worry about myself for a few minutes, and actually do something kind and positive for other people, it seemed like an excellent thing to do. Plus, because I’m doing it for someone else, it means -ohmygod- I’ll actually have to do it all proper like. Instead of this cycle:

1. get really enthusiastic about making something
2. spend heaps of money to equip myself with ‘essentials’
3. start out, still enthusiastically
4. do it haphazardly in my best ‘cheerful five year old’ manner (remember that kid who stuck out their tongue because they were concentrating so hard? Yeah.)
5 do far too much, too sloppily, in the first day
6. get bored of it, leave for a few weeks
7. attempt to finish, without finesse

That’s what I’m trying to break out of. That’s been my life up until this point. NO MORE, I tells ya! I WILL do things properly, and finish them, and you should too!

Look out for upcoming posts…stay cheerful…do something different.

Good luck! xxx


Project #001: Results

So, here we are….I completed my first project! After hours in the kitchen, I produced a rather excellent afternoon tea, if I say so myself.
The best thing about it? Seeing faces light up/hearing gasps when they saw it. It was so much fun to do something completely frilly and frivolous and for no other reason than it was FUN, and it LOOKED GOOD.
What did I take away from it? A little warm glow of pleasure. And not very many cakes – they were all eaten by everyone else!

Project #001: The Best Tea Party in the World…..Ever?

So, my delightful friend Grace has suggested I take on board Baz Luhrman’s suggestion of doing something every day that scares you. I like this very much, but I’m definitely sticking with 7 day long projects, otherwise you’ll all be sick of my constant posting. I think next week (aka Project #002) will be something that terrifies me, but this week I’m starting with a bit of a crossover project.

******* By the way, check out Grace’s blog at:

It’s a lovely travel blog, and if you want an insight into what a real American college is like, check it out, NOW. You’ll already be feeling inspired. And amused. What are you waiting for??*******
Project #001: The Best Tea Party in the World…Ever?
This is a bit of an ‘easing in’ chalenge, and it’ll crossover with my cookery blog, where I’ll post all the recipes. I’ll be creating a pink, fluffy, pretty, sugary, rose petal-y afternoon tea, for my belated birthday party this weekend. If that doesn’t make at least one person happy, I don’t know what will. Below is my inspiration:

Mission statement

Hello. My name’s Amelia, and welcome to my brand spanking new blog. I’ve been keeping a cookery blog for a few months, and while I’ll still be running that, I’ve been leaning towards doing something new. But what, I wondered? I adore fashion, but I’m not confident enough to post photos of myself in my various ‘creations’, so that was out. I tried keeping a blog of my daily life when I was about 15, and it was a) nauseatingly self-indulgent, and b) entirely pointless. I wanted it to be creative and constructive, and something to motivate me, yet not be solely ABOUT me.

Now, in the third week of January, I find myself fast losing motivation. I’m jobless, aimless, unfit (just read my cookery blog to find out why….), and all the dreams, ideas, and in fact ideals I had in my ‘yoof’ seem to be growing ever more distant. Why? Because every day I lose sight of who I want to be – and once that diminuishes, I simply don’t know what to do with myself every day. At school, my days were made up of things that would lead me towards my goal – of going to university, of being an actor. At university, it was the same. Then, in my third year, the quiet but creeping realisation that acting wasn’t, in fact, what I wanted to do, followed by several dispiriting post-uni jobs, and here I am today. I have simply no idea what I want to do, who I want to be, and I have (and this is the important one) NO IDEA HOW TO BE HAPPY.

There are beautiful, wonderful, brilliant things all around us. You might find your beauty in, say, the sea. Or, a blackbird. Or, a candy necklace (that last one’s mine. Candy necklaces are pure uninhibited JOY.) I can take marvellous, total, childish glee from small things, but recently it’s like I haven’t been able to see them. The clashing, roaring noise of self-doubt, self-pity, and Will Self (sorry, ran out of ‘selfs’) grows ever louder in my ears, and I forget to just be happy. Or, in fact, to just…be.

So, I hear you asking, where do you, the reader, come into this? I can see you shaking your head and thinking ‘she’s already said she wouldn’t do a misery memoir! It says it right there in the first paragraph! Give me my coinage back’, etc etc. But fear no more, because this is where the misery STOPS, and the happiness BEGINS. All that ‘orrible stuff above was just to give you a background as to who I am, and why I need to bring a little bit of sunshine into my – and hopefully, your – life.

Alright, then. So what’s the blog actually about?
Good question, maestro. Each week, I’ll be setting myself a project, or a challenge. It might be small, or it might be as big as climbing Everest (disclaimer: I almost certainly will not be climbing Everest). I want to push myself out of my comfort zone, get up off the sofa, and do something new. I’ll keep a record of what I’m up to, why I’m up to it, as well as lots of lovely jubbly pictures so you don’t snooze off.

It’s not just about making me a better person (it is really…) But I hope (get ready for naff) that I can perhaps inspire someone else to do something new. You can join in with me, or cheer me on, or heckle me, or just read my blog secretly and never write me anything, because that’s also cool.

If you’re interested, then stick with me. I’ll be posting details of my first project very shortly, as well as some pictures or videos that might cheer you up if you’re having a bad day, you poor sausage.

Well, that’s me. Erm – watch this space?

Amelia xxx

Backstreet’s back….ALRIGHT

I’m back! I’ve been terribly lame at actually doing my beloved blog of late, and having just signed in after an EXTREMELY long absence, I’ve seen you wonderful, beautiful darlings are still reading! Thank you!
So here’s the thing. It’s my birthday this week, and for the first time ever, I’m going to make my own cake. See below for inspiration/cake porn.

Here’s what I’ll be making (and subsequently blogging): French Fancies, raspberry swirl meringues (sssh, they’re secretly marshmellowy clouds), pink champagne and raspberry jellies, more cupcakes, and of course, a huge and disgustingly creamy, pink and sweet birthday cake.

Later this week, I’ll do recipes and pictures for hopefully all of the above, so keep your eyes peeled, and good things will come your way!