Call the Doctor! Call the nurse! She’s turned into a lunatic!

….is what you may say when you see what I have in store. I have long since been a fan of the zany, but entirely brilliant Mr Heston Blumenthal, and ever since watching his various tv shows, I have gone to bed dreaming of using one of his recipes. In his ‘Historical Feasts’ series, I was madly taken with the little edible icebergs that formed his dessert. It turned out my luck was in. Channel 4 has the recipe here:

I stopped in my tracks. I gaped at the screen. ‘Huzzah!’ I shouted. (Quietly. To myself.) It was as though the God of Cooking had sent me a challenge. Yes, there are several thousand components. Yes, it’s certainly not beginner stuff, and I am certainly a beginner. BUT, I adore Heston. He’s my idol, and I am constantly inspired by him. This is the path I must take. I will fully document my attempt at this recipe, even if it sinks as badly as the Titanic itself. (Like I say, ever topical on this blog).

Tatty bye for now, I’ll be keeping you updated on this maaaaad challenge.

All my love, Diamond Doll xxx

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