Un momento por favor

I’d just like to pinch a teeny weeny bit of your time, to talk about a wonderous discovery I made whilst (yes, whilst) on holiday in St Ives, Cornwall…As you all know, I am left stupified and gloriously dizzy by pretty, glittery little things, so when I stumbled into this Aladdin’s cave of gorgeousness, I was all of a tizzy. It’s called ‘Birds of a Feather’, and has a range of various beautiful practical bits and bobbles, to some stunningly impractical but equally marvellous things. Below you can see some pictures of the cake stand I picked up, which I sat and gawped at for ages the minute I got it home. My pictures don’t really do it justice, but it really is the most brilliant little contraption. Wipe clean cardboard, a bargain at £8.99, and just the thing for my tea parties. Equally, I picked up the sparkly birds as a finishing touch, perfectly bargainous at £1.99 each.

I’m not a one to pimp out places, but really – this was something else. Their website can be found at http://birdsofafeatherlifestyle.co.uk/, and I’m sure they’d be amenable to sending things out. If you’ve noticed the rather fetching measuring jugs I used in my last post, they also came from Birds of a Feather, and, gawd bless them, they have CUP MEASUREMENTS! The holy grail for someone like me, who uses American and Australian recipes which heavily revolve around cups. So, please – check them out, theyre magnificent, and apart from the products, I was served by two of the most gorgeously friendly ladies, who were happy to chat and give me all the advice I needed! If you’re in lovely Corners, GO THERE. You will not regret it.

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