Sunday in the park with George…

…and Sunday in the kitchen with me. Today I will be making three types of cupcakes, because one doesn’t quite seem to satisfy. You know how it is…you start out with a fairy cake, maybe a butterfly cake, if you’re pushing the boat out. Next come the fancifully decorated cupcakes. And then, one day, they find you, cake wrappers all around you, icing sugar smeared on your face, buttercream icing clinging to your fingers, spacing out on spacedust, all pie-eyed and drunk on ganache.

Um, anyway….on today’s pink glittery menu is lemon cupcakes with lemon icing, blackberry cupcakes with a caramelised apple topping and caramel glaze, and vanilla cupcakes with a mystery topping that I haven’t decided on yet. I’ll be doing an X-Factor style campaign to decide, so the result will be in in a couple of months. Votes in now.

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