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Who am I? I’m a fashion maniac but more cerebral that that. // A retrofuturist, a fan of Chap Hop and Adam Ant, lover of the written word and crinkly letters (you know the ones) // A domestic goddess, cocktail fanatic, pink ukulele player, singer and dancer (varying degrees of silliness)// I can talk and talk forever // I watch too much stand up comedy and not nearly enough plays, and rarely any musicals // I’ve worked in advertising, in fashion buying and other less exciting jobs // I’ve taught Shakespeare to kids, and had a brief period as a writer in Notting Hill, where I mostly just ate macaroons and smoked // I feel at home in Selfridges, seasides and Surrey // I like bars not clubs, tea rooms not pubs. I’m not a teenager but I still like glittery makeup and dressing in a school blazer // I’m much too young and much too old at the same time // I adore technology but still write in a Moleskine notebook for anything really important // I drink criminally expensive water and love oak-smoked garlic and Brittany butter // I have an especial liking for men with beards // I love the V&A more than is strictly advisable.

I see the world as a playground, so let’s all have some fun.

I am tirelessly optimistic, a general happy bunny, and I’d like you to be too. Which is why I write this blog.

2 thoughts on “About

    • I love them! I’m usually the kind of person who buys beautiful notebooks, but then doesn’t write in them as they’re TOO gorgeous. But Moleskine looks a little more practical, but still has that luxurious element :)

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